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Stump the Experts

Stump the Experts is a popular session of Apple Inc’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) conference. The first Stump took place at the WWDC92 in San Jose. Stump the Experts is structured as a game show in which the audience acts as one team, and the experts on stage are another. The audience may ask the experts any question related to Apple in an attempt to “stump” them, hoping to earn a point for their team. Conversely, experts may ask the audience questions that any audience member may try to answer. Any and all resources are allowed including source code, the Internet (e.g., Wikipedia & Google) and cell phones. Host Fred Huxham describes it as an “open book test”. Stump the Experts is chaotically hosted by Fred Huxham and Mark “The Red” Harlan. The experts were victorious again, grabbing victory from the clutches of victory.

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